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FREE upgrade of your parkade lights
Canadian EnviroLight is the latest member of the Gasonic Group that will focus on our mission of healthy buildings on a sustainable planet by providing energy efficient lighting for parkades as our main focus.

After an extensive 3 year product research and field test of 2000 energy efficient lights upgrade in 20 buildings, we are now ready for full scale deployment of our light upgrade program.

Our government and business leaders are telling us to balance the environment and the economy. Our customers does not have money to invest in energy efficiency projects.

Canadian EnviroLight launches a limited time FREE upgrade program.

Gasonic Group is committed to improve efficiency thus reduce emissions for our clients and this is the right time to make these improvements ahead of the increased cost of energy when the carbon tax is introduced.

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Is It Really FREE?

Sign up for our Fluorescent Freedom Program and start enjoying the benefits of a brighter, more cost effective future

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Why we are doing this!
The Gasonic Group grand vision is: Healthy Buildings on a Sustainable Planet.

Since 1990, we have upgraded hundreds of parkade carbon monoxide systems to balance healthy air with energy efficiency. We are currently saving one million dollars in energy in parkades for our customers.

The signing of the Paris agreement on reducing emissions is putting us on a low carbon path whether we like it or not. Increase energy costs around the world with introduction of carbon taxes are a reality. Yet we still have to balance the economy with the environment especially in Alberta.

Canadian Envirolight and the other members of the Gasonic Group are committed to do its part for an economic and environmental sustainable future.

We are launching an innovative and timely
FREE Upgrade program for lighting in parkades and we may even upgrade your parkade gas monitor for FREE!

Certifications & Affiliations

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